Our first professional tasting notes just in!

Right in the middle of the 2011 harvest, and we receive our first official tasting notes for our 2010 wines. The harvest is already a time of joy for us, but to receive these notations has widened that smile by a mile.
So, thank you, « 1001 dégustations », for our COUP DE COEUR** for l’hédoniste and ** for éclat.
You can read them for yourself here
Vin séléctionné par www.1001degustations.com
Vin séléctionné par www.1001degustations.com

Excuse us while we get the English pages ready!

The internet being the force that it is, some of our pages are already turning up in English when the translation is not yet complete. We are trying to ensure that the correct information is available as soon as possible. If you have any queries, please contact us at customer.service@domainedelarencontre.com. Thank you!

It’s « high clean » time again

So, here we are, on the starting block of the 2011 harvest and winemaking season. The culture work is done and it’s time to reap the fruits of our labour. But we have the last minute preparations to do.
One of the advantages of our stainless steel Albrigi wine vats is screamed out by the day-glo pink « High clean » banner clinging like a limpet to their sides. And after a day’s work, they are sparkling clean and shiny as new. Along with all the steel connectors, drapeaux, plastic tubes, buckets and measures, the reception equipment and the press.
It is probably the only bit of « housework » that we always do together, but cave hygiene is a priority that was set from the beginning, and it is fair to say that it is a bit of a mania. Our mothers can be proud of us, I just hope that they are not holding their breath for the complete conversion.
The worn out harvest buckets and secateurs have been replaced. The comports are washed and loaded on the trailer; the benne has been washed. Pierre has practised reversing tractor and benne up the ramp to the reception bin, with its never ending screw that will propel the bunches of grapes along the pipe and into the press. The sump pump is in place to take the effluent to its storage container.
And just in case you get the idea that it’s a one off splurge, we clean everything that’s been used for every day of the harvest and we do the same for each operation in the cave, right up until the wines are safely in their bottles. A little virtue goes a long way…

Vendanges à la une!

Peut-être vous avez vu à la télé que les vendanges ont commencée dans la région pour les muscats. Avec une panoplie de microclimats, grâce à la mer et les niches de la Gardiole, nous tous ne sommes pas au même stage de maturité et nous envisageons nos premiers récoltes pour la semaine prochaine. Dieu merci pour cette prolongation, pour laisser les souches profiter du soleil un peu plus longtemps. Nous attendons une bonne récolte, les grappes sont saines et commence être bien dorées. Nous rêvons déjà de nos prochains vins doux naturels de Muscat de Mireval et muscat sec!muscat de mireval