Venez nous rencontrer au salon du vin, de la gastronomie et du tourisme au parc expo de Mulhouse. Nous sommes sur le stand J229, entre la mise en scène et le restaurant, non loin du stand INFO.
Nous serons ravi de vous raconter nos aventures du bord de la Méditerranée å Vic La Gardiole et Mireval, et de vous faire déguster nos vins doux naturels AOP Muscat de Mireval, éclat et l’hédoniste et notre muscat sec rencontre.

Come and meet us at the salon of wine, gastronomy and travel at the Mulhouse exhibition centre. We will be on stand J229, between the stage and the restaurant, not far from the INFO stand.
We will be delighted to tell you about our adventures in wine making and vineyard management on the edge of the Mediterranean at Vic La Gardiole and Mireval, and to let you taste our vins doux naturels AOP Muscat de Mireval, éclat and l’hédoniste and our muscat sec, rencontre.

2012 – an eventful year!

2012 has already started with a vengeance. Sure to be packed with momentous times and important events, such as the odd financial crisis, a few elections, the Olympics, our wedding… we have organised a season of wine salons that will see us out and about all over France. It is not for the faint hearted, 2012!

You can follow our events schedule on our FACEBOOK page – Domaine de la Rencontre

The first event is FESTIVITAS at the Exhibition Centre of Mulhouse, 3-5 February.
Mulhouse is nestled into the corner of France touching Germany and Switzerland, not far from Colmar and Strasbourg, Basel and Freiburg, and Zurich.
A salon to chase the winter blues away, it is dedicated to the three things guaranteed to take people’s mind off the state of the nation for a while – wine, food and holidays!
When you have browsed the holiday brochures and dreamed of idyllic places, come and taste a little bit of southern French sunshine and see our photos of the countryside and beaches neighbouring our domaine. Yes, we’re just a five minute drive from a beautiful Mediterranean beach surrounded only by protected countryside. And of course, our bright green shirts will help you find us!
Amble amongst the stands of delicacies and watch the cooking competitions. The show hosts four highly renowned chefs, who will be preparing lunch and dinner…get your reservations in now!
So, when it is winter outside, come on inside and dream a little of summer and maybe take some home with you!

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