Striptease dans les vignes

IMG_2420 (Avant – before)
Qu’est-ce que c’est? Non, Domaine de la Rencontre ne se diversifie pas! Avec cette année si difficile, nous devrons confronter le problème des grappes qui pourrissent à cause d’humidité avant qu’elles sont vraiment mature. Alors, nous enlevons les feuilles coté est pour aérer les gobelets et exposer les grappes au soleil du matin, mais en gardent les feuilles coté ouest pour qu’elles ne brulent pas et que la vigne peut continuer de se nourrir. Ceux qui sont déjà pourri – on les coupe est laisse par terre et donc la vigne soutien que les grappes saines… Nous avons vraiment l’impression de voir la future récolte et de la mettre en valeur.

So what is the striptease? No, Domaine de La Rencontre isn’t diversifying its activities! In this difficult year, we are confronted with grapes that start to rot, because of raised humidity levels, before they are ripe enough to pick. So, we strip the leaves on the east side of the vine to air the plants and expose the bunches to the morning sun, but keep the leaves on the west so that the grapes don’t get too much sun and the vine continues to be nourished. Those bunches that are already a bit rotten – we cut them and leave them on the ground so that the vine only supports healthy bunches… We can really see the future harvest and put it in its best light…
IMG_2421 (Après – after)
IMG_2422 Et les belles grappes de muscat blanc à petits grains.

Les vendanges ne sont pas loin à Mireval …Harvest time approaches…

IMG_2064 Prend ton echantillon des grappes. Take your test selection of grapes
IMG_2059 presse les grappes pour extraire le jus. Press the grapes to extract the juice.
IMG_2061 verifie avec le refractometre le Brix/taux d’alcool. Verify the brix/potential level of alcohol with the refractometer.
IMG_2068 C’est toujours bon d’avoir plusieurs avis…It’s always good to have several opinions.
IMG_2062 Et vous, qu’est-ce que vous pensez? And what do you see?
Un petit dernier, regardez bien le couleur du jus à droit, pressé que 10 minutes plutôt et c’est déjà plus foncé en couleur – c’est pourquoi nous faisons tous pour proteger contre l’oxydation…
And a last little note. Look carefully at the colour of the juice on the right, pressed just 10 minutes earlier. It is already darker in colour – and that’s why we do everything to protect the harvest juice against oxidation…

“Enthusiasm is infectious”…

We first met Rosemary George MW at the Vigneron Indépendent salon, Porte de Versailles last November and then again very briefly at the Sud de France London Trade Day tasting in June, when she promised to visit us during one of her trips to Languedoc. And in July, we were very happy to find that she had scheduled a trip to Domaine de La Rencontre and our nook of the world.
Rosemary is passionate about Languedoc and the possibilities that it presents for winemakers, to take the best of the traditions and use them as a platform for innovation, to produce wines that surprise. And indeed, the beauty of Languedoc is it’s immense diversity and the mix of old established winemakers, local people, young and not so young, who feel the urge to put their piece of paradise in the spotlight and the influx of new people from all around the world, who fall under the spell of this incredible place. It is not just in wine that you find this desire to innovate, Languedoc is bursting with people who don’t just come for their holidays, or to retire. The speed with which communities develop here is incredible. Sometimes the development is in conflict with traditional land use, but generally there is space for everyone, and that creates an enormous dynamism.

So, back to the wine. We took the opportunity to do a vertical tasting of the three years of wine that we have produced. It was a great chance for us to talk through our experiences and our hopes for the future.

You can find her report about us on our Medals notations and press reports page, and through this link to her blogspot “Taste Languedoc ».

And while you are reading this article, take a look at the other domaines that she has visited in this wonderfully diverse region. Everything is possible here and surprises are round the next corner, hill, vale and village. If you have never taken the time to come and explore – perhaps this will persuade you…..

Rosemary George MW visit July 2013