Medaille D’Or pour philosophe Millèsime 2012

Merci Vignerons Indépendants nous sommes très fier de gagner cette première Médaille d’OR pour philosophe! 2012, une année difficile mais quelle récompense! Notre gamme des vins muscat IGP Pays d’Hérault tient la route!

philosophe gets its first GOLD MEDAL – from The French Independant Winemakers Association! We are very happy, the 2012 millésime was a diffcult year and this is a great reward. Our range of IGP Pays d’Hérault muscat wines is holding its own!

Keep smiling and carry on!

A fascinating salon, VINISUD. If you are a food and wine Professional and haven’t visited – see you in 2016, it is well worth the trip. We will be working on our contacts, old and new, and already have plans for the next edition in 2016.
poète had a marvellous reception and we think people really appreciated being able to taste it straight from the Vat. Thank you again Rosemary for your positive words of encouragement for poète on
Taste Languedoc Blogspot.

Straight after VINISUD we got down to the business of bottling our IGP Pays d’Hérault wines and Muscat de Mireval Vin Doux Naturel wines. The cousins came along to help and the new team from Denis Legras turned up on the dot, with a very impressive, very expensive, state of the art, bottling lorry. Papa René buzzed around on the forklift filling up with bottles and cartons and stacking the completed pallets around the circle. We started off with clear blue skies and gradually watched them turn grey and bless us with a few drops of rain. Like a wedding, we will take it as a benediction. The pallets of our new design cartons lined up along the circle to form an impressive audience, before being shipped off to storage. A few of the neighbours got a tour of the van, thanks guys, and thank you the neighbours for being patient with us for the short moment when we had two lorries side by side.
poète now has his colours and is resting from his bottling, along with rencontre, philosophe, l’hédoniste and éclat.
We are on the last half pallet of l’hédoniste 2012 and éclat is not far behind. The strong interest in rencontre and philosophe has justified our volume increase for 2012 and we expect to see stocks dwindling fast.
The labels for 2013 are in both French and English, and our logo has joined Pierre’s telephone number on the corks. You can see the photos on our Facebook page.

And we must have been wicked – because there was no resting and the day after, we got down to the very serious business of emptying the cellar building and the start of the cellar extension works…..Julie’s office is now living under the stairs, just like Harry Potter, to let Pierre have the nest for a little while. It’s only a short lease Pierre, don’t get too comfortable! It’s all systems go and Julie is trying to ensure that the various enterprises involved are all in the right place at the right time. Watch this space!

Quiet life in the South….