Salon International de l’Agriculture – Paris 2018


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L’année dernière le département de l’Hérault a décidé de se présenter au Salon International de l’Agriculture pour la première fois.. article 2017 Pour fêter cette occasion le département et la chambre d’agriculture ont choisit de mettre le Muscat à l’honneur, … Continuer la lecture

Les salons de printemps sont terminés – mais les chemins s’étendent !

Comme tout bébés, nos cuvées prennent des pas de plus en plus loin de la maison. Aujourd’hui elles voyagent au Luxembourg, Belgique, Italie et bientôt Canada (Québec), avec d’autres pays en prospection. Si vous êtes un professionnel CHR ou caviste et voulez contacter nos importateurs dans un de ces pays, veuillez nous envoyer votre carte de visite et nous vous mettons en relation.

Si vous êtes intéressé par une cuvée exclusif « sur mesure », veuillez nous contacter.

Like all babies, our cuvées are taking their steps further and further from home. Today they can be found in Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy and very soon Canada (Québec), with other countries in view. If you are a professional in the « on trade » or a caviste and wish to contact our importers in one of these countries, please send us your business card and we will put you in contact.

If you are interested in a cuvée created specifically and exclusively for you, please contact us.

Salons d’Automne 2015

Les cuves chantent encore, mais c’est presque l’heure à reprendre la route des salons du vin. Venez trouver votre favorit parmi rencontre, esprits libres, philosophe, poète, l’hédoniste et éclat. Vous ne pouvez pas choisir? Panachez !
Cette saison, nous avons ajouté un nouveau salon – avec les Kiwanis d’Aix en Provence. Les couvents des Ablats nous accueillent pour un salon intime de qualité – venez le découvrir avec nous !

The vats are still bubbling away but it is almost time to hit the road again for the autumn salons. Come and find your favourite amongst rencontre, esprits libres, philosophe, poète, l’hédoniste and éclat. Having trouble choosing – make a mix !
This season, we have added a new salon – with the Kiwanis of Aix en Provence. The couvents des Ablats welcomes all for an intimate salon of quality – come and discover it with us !

Agenda Automne 2015 – plus de détailles sur notre page Facebook.

16-18 oct Clermont-Ferrand Polydome Vignerons Indépendants du Languedoc Roussillon
23-26 oct Dunkerque Kursaal Salon du vin et de la Bière – Chevaliers du XX’ème siècle
30 oct-01 nov Toulouse parc des expos Salon du Vin et Terroir
06-09 nov Reims parc des expos Vignerons Indépendants de France
14-15 nov Aix en Provence
couvents des Ablats VINOAIX avec les Kiwanis
20-23 nov Lille Grand Palais Vignerons Indépendants de France
20-23 nov Marseille parc chanot SAVIM Automne
26 nov-01 dec Paris Porte de Versailles Vignerons Indépendants de France
04-06 dec Colmar parc des expos Vignerons Indépendants du Languedoc Roussillon

Nouveau Flyer de Domaine de La Rencontre

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Notre nouveau flyer, avec notre carte de cuvées, esprits libres,rencontre, philosophe, poète, l’hédoniste et éclat, les liens pour notre nouvelle boutique en ligne avec Vignerons Indépendants, géré par plugwine; ainsi que notre page facebook.

Vous trouverez aussi un plan et nos coordonnées pour mieux nous localiser. En plus – nous vous recommandons la chambre d’hôtes à Sète – L’Escalapet !

Vous êtes sur nos listes des invités pour nos salons? un exemple, soit en numérique, soit imprimé, accompagnera votre prochaine invitation.
Notre agenda de salons – automne 2015 sera bientôt sur Facebook.

Dés la semaine prochaine vous le trouverez aussi dans l’Office de Tourisme de Vic La Gardiole et Sète.

Here it is – our new flyer ! You can find our list of cuvées, the links to our new online shop with Vignerons Indépendants, managed by plugwine, as well as our Facebook page.

You will also find a map and our contact details to make it easier to find us And we can now recommend a superb B and B at Sète – L’Escalapet !

If you are on our invitation list for our wine salons, you will receive either a digital or printed example with your next invitation
Our Autumn 2015 salon agenda will soon be on Facebook.

See you soon !

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Article BBB midi

Merci à BBBmidi et Rosemary George pour cet article. n’hésitez pas nous contacter pour organiser une visite !
Thank you to BBBmidi and Rosemary George for this article. Please feel free to contact us and organise a visit !

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« muscat mireval vines Domaine de la rencontre to taste and discover the wine appellation of Muscat de Mireval

By Rosemary George MW on 1 April 2015 Wine

The appellation of Muscat de Mireval is tiny, just 170 hectares around the villages of Mireval, Vic la Gardiole and Maguelone, with nine independent producers and a coop. And the wine is a classic Vin Doux Naturel made from Muscat, just like the other Muscat appellations of the Languedoc, such as Frontignan, Lunel, St Jean de Minervois as well as Rivesaltes in Roussillon.

The name is a bit of a misnomer; what is natural is the sugar in the grape juice, but the vinification process requires some attentive wine making, choosing the precise moment to stop the fermentation with the addition of grape spirit. It is all a question of balance. Get it right and you have a lovely luscious dessert wine, but get it wrong and your wine is horribly cloying.

If I were starting a new venture in the Languedoc, I am not sure that one based on Muscat would be my first choice, but that is just what Julie and Pierre Viudes at Domaine de la Rencontre have done, making their first wine in 2010.

Neither of them had any immediate links with wine. They met in Mexico, and that meeting is one reason for the name of their estate. It also relates to the painting by Gustave Courbet called la Rencontre, or the meeting, which is said to have been painted close to their vineyards, in 1854, with a view of the Mont St. Clair in the background. There is a Route Courbet, which covers seven paintings in seven villages and la Rencontre is set in the commune of Mireval.

muscat mireval

So why Mireval, rather than anywhere else?
Pierre in fact comes from Sète, so in a way he has come back to his roots. In 2008 they bought 7.5 hectares, one plot in the garrigues overlooking the sea. At the time they did noteven own a bucket or a pair of secateurs. And in 2010 they bought a house, with an adjacent building for a cellar. They have not been content to make just Muscat de Mireval, but have gradually pushed the boundaries, experimenting and extended their range, so they now have several wines, all from Muscat and demonstrating the surprising versatility of that grape variety. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

Rencontre, Muscat Sec, Pays de l’Herault – 9.50€

They prefer Pays de l’Herault to Pays d’Oc, which has much stricter regulations. With Oc you cannot make Vin Doux from the same vineyards as a Muscat Sec whereas the Pays de l’Herault allows you to keep some grapes back for a dry wine.Light colour with a fresh, grapey nose – Muscat is the onegrape that really smells of grapes. And on the palate, dry and pungent with some depth. A nice bite herbal and pithy.

Philosophe, l’Entre Deux – 11.00€

In other words between the dry and the vin doux in sweetness, with about 30 gms/l of residual sugar. Light colour,a hint of honey, and more so on the nose. Quite rounded and ripe, with some fresh honey. It is a blend of dry Muscat,picked a little later and blended with just 15% some late harvest Muscat that was fermented in oak, from the previous harvest.

L’Hédoniste, Muscat de Mireval, Vieilles Vignes – 15.00€

From 75 year old vines. Elegantly honeyed, rounded,concentrated, with balancing acidity. Elegant and ethereal with a nice lift on the finish.

2012 Éclat, Muscat de Mireval From 25- 30 year old vines.

The two vineyards are side by side, but give quite different results, even though they are treated exactly the same way. Not only is the vine age different, but also the rootstock. Quite lemony, with fresh honey and good acidity. Nicely rounded and elegant.

Hédoniste is fresher with lower sugar; this is richer, but certainly not cloying. And the newest addition to the range is a sparkling wine,Esprits Libres, – 15.00€, made in the traditional method, with a second fermentation in the bottle.

What next, I wonder

For more information and visits – see

tel:06 24 05 39 46 »

Le vignoble est de l’argent…. 2015 !

Notre gamme de Vins du Pays d’Hérault continue d’avancer dans le bons sens. C’est bien le poète et le philosophe, qui marchent ensemble vers leurs médailles d’Argent Concours Vignerons Indépendants 2015 – un grand merci ! Ça va briller à espace Champerret, Paris ce weekend! Venez nous voir sur stand B6 !

Our range of Vins du Pays d’Hérault continues to gain recognition. It will be a shiny moment at espace Champerret, Paris, this weekend, as philosophe and poète go hand in hand to collect their Silver Medals from the 2015 Independant French Winemakers competition – thank you !
Come and see us on stand B6 !
muscat Mireval